Boycott sugar

As we read on Valuwalk:

The Organization for Competitive Markets, which has fought on behalf of U.S. family farmers to block the mega-merger, issued the following statement:

Today’s news makes it clear that our anti-monopoly laws are completely worthless and the U.S. Department of Justice merger review process is pointless. Economists have well established that there is a strong likelihood of market abuse when four companies control 45% of the market, and the fact that DOJ has now allowed one company to control 77% of all seed corn, 69% of all seed traits and 58-97% of the markets in cotton, soybeans, and canola, means DOJ has just authorized a monopoly.

Sugar, cotton, soybeans, corn, all need to be boycotted. The damages caused to humanity by sugar are monstrous. If only one life is saved by boycotting sugar it’s all worth it, right Laura Ingraham, right David Hogg, right Oprah, all of whom have been caught saying that.

Boycotting sugar would save hundreds of millions of lives.

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