Trump sends National Guard to border for who knows how long

Guarding the border – it’s a lot of sitting around, chatting, playing cards and video games, walking around, sometimes catching people crossing, paychecks and pensions.

If instead the National Guard was building homes, we could probably by the end the US citizen homeless crisis who are on the streets.

95% of all illegal border crossings are actually people legally crossing the border for visits, and not going back. Walls don’t stop that.

To spend billions on walls in the middle of no man’s land and time and resources on the mere 5% that cross through deserts is a complete waste, no, a 95% waste, not complete. Wall builders end up rich, they get 2nd and 3rd homes.

So while US citizens still remain on the streets, cities suffer, areas like Orange County continue to draw out the “not in my backyarders” to demand ends to solutions, and medias keep insisting on covering the illusionary border crisis, it’s the same ol’crap happing over and over again.

I wonder if indigenous people had a homeless problem?

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