I will never do business with this company ever again, meaning I will never ever sign up for a contract to use their fitness facilities.

I barely used it and never used it this summer but I thought I would maintain it as it was only $17.95 per month and I had use of the Palm Desert location and the Palm Springs location.

This summer I never went to either then suddenly got the yearly “convenience fee” which added about $40 to that month.

I decided “Hell I need to cancel this thing” and they would not remove that fee for good will, then to cancel I had to call their billing company, and they informed me I had to give 30 day notice.

I was one day short, so guess what they do, they don’t pro-rate, they charge me for 2 more months.

So for a fitness location I never use because I had to move 25 miles away I suddenly had been sucked out of about $80.

No apologies by them what so ever.

Fuck this company.

Oh and did I mention their Palm Springs location men’s locker areas are incredibly cramped, are typically a mess, and there are locker doors and clasps that are broken off apparently due to breaking into them.

No dry or wet sauna either.

Always massively crowded at peak times I could not even use so much of the equipment I NEEDED to use.