Wealthy woman living in Malibu gets plastic straws banned

There’s nothing quite like when the elites that live in the richest areas of California who have gobs of money flowing into their bank accounts which all gets there from the burning of fossil fuels (industry/investments/business) where they can by as many polyester and nylon clothes items, nick nacks for the house, Tupperware, new cars made of plastic, as they want and go on an environmental rampage and get the simple useful plastic straw BANNED in Malibu and beyond.

These elitist environmentalists are quite persuasive. They don’t tell you how much energy goes into producing alternatives.

Take for example the replacement straw for restaurants called the pasta straw. It’s made of pasta.

To make these straws lots of heat are used to process the wheat. More than what it takes to make straws. Whoops, global warming without cooling!

They never tell you how many raw material “plastic straws” are burned to cool their 10,000 square foot homes, fuel their jets, etc. either.

I gather it’s about 500 million a day.

Nor do they ever mention how much energy it takes to make bubbles, you know, those bubbles made of CO2.

Or the energy used by their devices. How many straws do those use? I guess that household total would be around 10,000 per day.


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