Is it rising seas or rising levels of nonsense

The article as seen on Weather Underground which is now owned by presented on August 9, 2018 at 7am pt the idea that it’s “global warming” which causes Arctic melting is causing the sea levels to rise so much that the shoreline is eroding away.

This concept is such a fallacy it is not funny as many ENERGY WASTING CONCEPTS are being implemented at great expense based on these fantasies.

Carbon, the worlds most plentiful element is blamed for it and expensive systems have been forced on all aspects of business life in order to control it.

All of those use energy to produce.

Shore lines as shown in the feature image have been eroding since the beginning of time.

Even mountain sides have been eroding forever, all it takes is some rain, which is of course caused by climate change as climate always changes.

reference click bait article


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