Bad make-up day

The woman newscaster’s lower eyelid make-up today looked pretty bad. I’m pretty sure she just painted lower lashes onto her lower eyelid. There’s like 4 vertical thick lines there. Does not look real.

Then there’s the purplish tone all around the eyes, what’s that? Reminds me of someone hit in the eye.

Then there’s that blush stuff, women so often are using way too much of that. Looks fake. Maybe that’s what Trump means by fake news.

I find women use way too much make-up on TV and elsewhere. They don’t need that much.

And why are they always half naked? Men are all covered up, they wear suits and ties the only skin you see of them is hands and head while the women expose their breasts, arms, legs, backs, and more legs.

Talk about equality, maybe start with equal dress? I cannot understand why there is no outcry on that.

They look much prettier with less and more covered up. I think Ellen’s got it nailed. She’s a fantastic role model.

Feature image snapshot of OAN news on May 11, 2018

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