what makes the internet matter

The internet has provided those who can connect with an endless supply of information. In many ways this has helped humanity like no other medium has before. In other ways it has created a new form of addiction. People who regularly communicated by phone or letter now rely on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Family and friends can read personal news feeds and know what’s going on in the lives of those they know.

Problem is, when someone doesn’t have that particular medium of communication, friends, family, associates can become somewhat lost in the cloud so to speak. I have friends who are so busy chatting away on these social networks now I never hear from them because I do not have all the required social media accounts. People I knew no longer remember my phone number as so called smart phones do all the remembering for them. They still never call. They don’t even bother keeping up by e-mail, expecting me to read their news feeds I cannot access.

Alas, such is so called progress.

The internet became wildly popular in 1999 after Apple introduced the iMac as a way to access it easily. Prior to that time the masses were not really aware of it, it was more of a computer geekish platform. I have been aware of and had accessed the internet since the 1980’s. Contrary to popular belief Al Gore did not create it.

Since that time of wide distribution of internet platforms creating easy access such as AOL and it’s chat forums, what has evolved is social networking and news sources that have never been seen in the history of life on Earth.

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After all, that’s what makes the internet matter.

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