i discoverduhed internet matter the world's first carbon blanket charity we are going to end homelessness and carbon blanketlessness for all of humanity if I have to go up there in the sky and collect the entire amout of all carbon dioxide in the atmosphere myself which comprises of a massive 4 particles for every 10,000 particles imagine the sorting I am going to have to do haystacks and needles are easier to sort and as I collect it all we will use this pin head amount of air also to insulate our homes as the green energy crowdwagon keeps telling us how good an insulator air is so all we have to do really to start is exhale all over your home windows and doors that you leave open and watch how wonderful carbon dioxide insulates while proof in puddingists are still trying to find out what is wrong with this picture

There is no anti-matter only INTERNET MATTER

I N T E R N E T   M A T T E R

the universe can't live without itself