i discover internet matter the world's first carbon blanket charity we are going to end homelessness and carbon blanketlessness for all of humanity

There is no anti-matter only INTERNET MATTER

They are all losers


1 small step for digits one giant leap backward for mankind

The Democrati now are basically telling you to hand over your vote or you will die. Dizzy Lizzy claims she's the carbon terminator will ill-iminate it in 16 years. Replace electricity with wind farms that CANNOT WORK WITHOUT THE BURNING OF FOSSIL FUELS. Democrat party is 100% joke now. They now are officially insane skitzo delusionists or so full of bullshit even cows want nothing to do with them. To calm all of them down I decided to "do something" to stop global warming I grabbed carbon blankets out of the sky and put them over my windows and open doors and I can't figure out why it still gets cold in the house at night. In an existential exchange I demanded the trans-they party of eco-loons all hand over their carbon dioxide air blankets or the homeless will die this winter and I plan to give every single homeless person a carbon air blanket so they can stay warm as there's so many Democrats full of hot carbon dioxide infused air bubbles these days I am sure their carbon capture systems would provide enough for everyone. In their world they live in a vacuum thus eliminating convection as is what happens in dual pain in the ass windows that insulate like carbon dioxide bubble minds.

Somehow the conversation went went amok as they were offended by certain words and they uses so much energy trying to stop assault words. They said words harm air and they will ban assault weapons. Thing is you cannot ban things that do not exist they are only assaultive by certain indivdual's actions then they are defensive by others, this is another sleasy sales pitch using the adjective "assault" as for the overwhelming majoirty of weapons owners they are defense weapons, ASSALUT WEAPONS ARE ALREADY BANNED.

If you are going to hand over your vote to a lying con of a sleasy politician that claims they is going to ban an assault weapon they are banning the weapon owned by someone using it for assault they are not banning the defense weapon and again these assault weapons are already banned from being used for assault and of course all these deceitful uses of adjectives is again so you will hand over your vote so just use adjectives in defense. You likely do not own any assault weapons, unless you assaut people with them, you only own defense weapons guaranteed you as a RIGHT. Such defense weapons may include knowledge called internet matter and your vote.

I N T E R N E T   M A T T E R

the universe can't live without it