There is no anti-matter only INTERNET MATTER "I discovered Internet Matter"

Please send your unused carbon blankets to me so I can donate them to charity. There is nothing worse than seeing a carbon blanketless person suffer and I refuse to stand by and do nothing when there are carbon blankets everywhere.

Prez will paint Air Force One to look like US flag. Old colors blended in with sky so as not to be a target. Government is always right. See spot run to get tested for HIV/FLU.

Lunacy of climate study and claims of doom and gloom and claims the science is settled in this and other areas is laughable, top measuring agencies don't even agree within a few degrees of average temperatures, and they have degrees.

Average Temp Jan 2019

54.88 degrees NOAA
58.064 degrees
57.78 degrees NASA

If they don't know the average world temp within 3 degrees of each other, how can they accurately conclude that the average temperature has increased 1/2 degree over the past 100 years?

Gus posted that internet matter for the entire universe to study. Maybe aliens from Venus and Mars will see this and start measuring the entire solar system, and each, and every, section of, space in, our solar, system and, send the data back to us, so we can have our politicians and climate freaks control the universe. They do such a good job on Earth, just ask all the homeless how they've been helped. Atmosphere should be a piece of cake. The self absorbed politicians and con artists of climate doom can't even fix that a problem that is 1 billion light years easier to fix yet they want you to believe they can control the weather to save the world. Too funny.

Dave Kraft threw this out there into the proinactive interverse,

"One of the survivors of the Paradise Smart Fire gave me her personal account of escaping being cooked alive with her dog in a car. She drove over the Agenda 21 'road diet' concrete barriers that prevented many from escaping. That's where they take a nice efficient 4 lane boulevard and make it a clogged 2 lane debacle by blocking the right lanes with intermittent barriers. The girl's father vigorously fought the road diet at the Paradise town council and was ignored. People died because of it. They are doing it here in Colorado and it's nothing short of insane."

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting the a different result. This is not insanity to do all these changes, they are not expecting a different result, they are expecting the same result, cash flow.